Shooting with Talicia


I’m back with a photoshoot with my friend Talicia!


I honestly have to say this weekend was a good one. I’m really glad to be back in my happy place. Just look at the way I look at my camera below!

I’ve started the new year off with a photoshoot and if you’ve been watching some of the videos I’ve published earlier on my blog then you’ve seen the moodboard, and know that this shoot kind of went off base.

Moe and his 3rd Eye!!

To be honest, I think that is perfectly fine as a moodboard is simply inspiration and should NOT replicating pics.

Check out some of the pics in the gallery above and here’s more below.

Portrait featuring Talicia.
Basking in the Sunlight!

I really enjoy people that have good vibes! Well all considering the fact Talicia and I have known each other since about the sixth-grade getting along is actually too hard. But, in all honesty it makes photography so fun when you can hype someone up, not take each other too seriously and laugh since it ends up feeling like we are hanging out. Even though essentially we were hanging out! Hahaa

Close Up!! Talicia Beauty Shot!

The above photo is seriously one of my favorites in the entire shoot because the vibe I’m getting from this particular one is totally Fenty Beauty vibes. I remember some of the photos from the ads and videos that came out when Rihanna first announced her inclusive beauty line and seeing how beautiful all of the women skin looked in the photos and this one is seriously giving me the same vibe. Wait… am I tootin my own horn?! Lmao, I’m being honest though…

In all seriousness though, Talicia’s skin is seriously amazing.. right? There wasn’t much editing or processing needed to smooth or remove anything Talicia’s amazing skin, which makes the job of a photographer much easier specially when going for this type of shot.

Side Profile of Talicia


I never had the chance to play with light as much as I have in this shoot. I mean in terms of sunlight and it being layed on certain areas. As you may remember my red shoot I did with Troy. This one however is much different as the light is in some places and not in others, and I have no control of the intensity or placement. I loved being able to capture a photographs of this.


Personally, I love how this shoot came out and I impressed myself. I haven’t shot anything since the shoot I posted with Troy, so for me to go from that to this to that I’m personally stunned with how these came out!

To check out more photos from the shoot go here

Going into Formosa!

After the shoot, Talicia and I went to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants Formosa.

Check out some of the behind the scenes of my shoot here and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos:

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