So, I’ve come back to fulfill a promise I made to myself. Over the last week or so, I’ve been trying to find people to take photos of, all of which led to nowhere. I’m excited to say that I’ve officially gotten back in the swing of photography.

After launching this site, and sending people here to check out the work that I have already done; I was pretty disappointed. Even after putting myself out there I still wasn’t connecting with anyone who was interested in doing a shoot.

It wasn’t until an old friend from high school who, happens attends the same university, hit me up wanting to take some photos for his upcoming brand Palette. A collective and a mix of everything him and the people closest to him. Together they create products that reflect who they are. Making the name Palette most fitting.

Model: Troy Norton – Founder of MINKO & PALETTE

After Troy hit me up giving me the vibe he wanted for the shoot. I came up with the idea of adding colored lights to the shoot he wanted. The idea to add red colored lights to the photos came after his brand’s name Palette, which I sat in my head for a couple of days. Not only does it represent his brand, but obviously a palette refers to where an artist keeps his active paints while painting. Thus, I thought it’d be pretty essential to take the photos under some kind colored bulb.

The shoot was pretty laid back and really relaxing, which was very surprising since I started to get a bit nervous; as this was the first time that I had my serious camera out in 2 years. Also, the shoot was under a pretty lowlight situation, not to mention the fact there was a red light to work with which I hadn’t ever done before. As anyone whose into photography would know; shooting under lowlight can be especially hard, as you your knowledge of with focusing, choosing the right shutter speed and ISO come into play.

However, I’m very proud of what I was able to create! Working with Troy and learning about his upcoming brand was a very cool experience. I’m very grateful that he reached out wanting to work with me. After hearing that he was stoked about how the pictures came out, I was reaffirmed that I did a good job not only for myself, but achieved what the person wanted.


If you want to check out some of the other shots taken with Troy check out the Work page.  Also, if you would like to work together feel free to contact me.


What have y’all done or currently working on creatively? Let me know in the comments.