What’s up! My YouTube video is now LIVE! In this video I give my 5 Tips to incoming college students about things they should and shouldn’t use their time for.

I wanted to make this post in connection with what I was talking about on my YouTube Channel.This YouTube video is only my 3rd, and I wanted to really get my point across by following up here, to better explain the points I made in my video.

I made this video, because when I was incoming student at my university I wanted to look for what other people had to say about their college experience and there wasn’t a super ton of videos at the time, and a lot of them covered the same point. So, I made this super realistic video, based on my own experience during my Undergrad life to let people know about college.

If you’re prefer to read over seeing my video, or would like to get further insight on what I was trying to say; here are my tips I believe every college student should at least hear!

So, Here are my 5 tips for incoming college students should know!


  1. MOVE ON – As I said in my video many times we are in situations with people where were doing things that in reality we just may not be interested in doing. Freshman year, I found myself going to tons of my universities Football (American Football) games, and while football games can enjoyable; I definitely didn’t want to spend my Saturdays of the Fall semester going to go watch the game. Most of the people I went with were incredibly nice. However, nonstop talking about Football and going to the games just wasn’t what I related to. I just sat there quiet most of the time. Eventually once, I learned how to be brave enough to leave my dorm and just go out and find things of more interest to me, I slowly began to find my group of people and they slowly stopped inviting me to Football games and I moved on. It was a natural drift, not a dramatic one. No one’s feelings we’re hurt. So, I encourage you to just know that the first people you meet no matter how kind they are, don’t feel obligated and sucked into doing things you’d prefer to not do just because you are afraid to be alone or say no.
  2. MAKE YOUR FIRST 2 YEARS YOUR FOUNDATION  – This one is simple enough. College has tons of stuff to get into. However, your main purpose for being there is to secure your future. 4 years goes by so fast, and before you know it you’ll be applying for internships/jobs or even Grad School. Put the work in now, so you don’t have to do cartwheels and backflips just to obtain that 3.3GPA that, that dream internship requires. Plus, when your GPA is high because you’ve laid the groundwork if you happen to have struggled in a class your GPA won’t be affected that much by it.
  3. LEARN TO SAY NO – I feel like I explained this point in my video pretty well but essentially what I was getting at was I think in a way peer pressure is definitely real, and I mean that not in the D.A.R.E. sense. But, in the sense that if your anything like me, you fear having to directly tell people NO sends a huge surge of anxiety through your veins. It’s crazy how many places I’ve been sucked into going because I just didn’t have the heart to make someone disappointed like when I had an exam and my friend wanted to grab a late night meal at one of the dining halls that stayed open till 1AM, and it was already 11:01PM and I had an exam the very next morning. Because meals aren’t ever just eat and leave, when your with other people. I could go on with hugely other examples like the one given above and in my video, but I think you all get the point. Don’t be sucked into doing things you’d rather shouldn’t or wouldn’t want to do because the only thing we shouldn’t ever waste in this life is OUR TIME. Just tell people no.
  4. MAKE ON CONTACT IN EVERY CLASS – Find the friendliest most approachable face preferable in the first day. Or, at least the first week and just sit by them. If you feel like you aren’t outgoing enough to do this, just sit by them the first day and say the natural Hello and nothing else. See if they try to talk to you. Otherwise build that confidence up by next class time or by the end of the week if you all meet more than twice.Eventually just begin talking and get each others contact information and if for whatever reason you miss a class you’ll have a way to get the notes. As I said in my video if you have a personal friend in the course, know you’re friend for the version of them that they are and not the one you think you have. If your friend isn’t always on top of things, or would consider not going to class for some reason. If you have to actually miss class, you won’t be able to depend on them to get the notes you missed.
  5. FRIENDS CAN EXIST IN DIFFERENT CAPACITIES – I think a lot of people would consider this as well you’re not really friends with the person then, but I’d just like to say I’d beg to differ many of the times we do this and don’t even know that sometimes the people we interact with only exist within certain settings. And I think in my video this may the most confusing for people to get what I mean but I was trying to say that I have friends I go out with, a friends I confide in, friends I know I can go study with and get stuff done. Not saying some of our friends don’t exist in multiple categories at times, but I would challenge someone to really say that there aren’t certain people you go to for certain things.. Well, college is very much like this, except you’ll begin to notice how true this in college. Be wary, be aware, but most of all be okay with this. You may find that the person you wish would be able to fill this particular role in your friendship won’t and you’ll be feeling like “Dang, why don’t I have friends”, but you needn’t think this because you do, you just have to realize the roles of the various people you do know in your life rethink them. I felt this way a ton, like “oh we spend tons of time studying and classes together, why don’t they invite me out??”. I agree that, much of what I’m actually describing is an associate, but my point is don’t cause yourself any unnecessary despair or feelings of loneliness when you could be focusing on people who fit the roles in your life that are more closer to what you desire in a friend, but don’t burn the bridge with those who fulfill other roles as well. Everyone has their purpose.


University is definitely a fun place, but it also is a lot of work as well, by the end of the your first year some of you all may have had similar experiences as myself and hopefully seeing my video will get you to rethink your approach to situations/people and life at college.