If you’re anything like me, there are tons of things you have created that you’ve just never shared with the world. I constantly make things I never show to people, and videos are something I’m most afraid to show, especially of myself.

As I’ve mentioned before many times over on this site. I wanted to work on making videos, and have playing around with the idea of just documenting my life. I want to document things I’m working on, things I’m doing, my thoughts, and feelings, things I use, whatever else I can think of.

This particular video I made months ago, when I was listening to Drake’s latest album ‘MORE LIFE‘ for the 1st or 2nd time. One of the things I love to do when an album from one of my favorite artist come out is just listen to the album. To not really do much, but just turn most of the lights out and focus on the entire body of work the artist has just made. I usually don’t have an opinion about the album until at least my 5th time listening to it. Even if there are songs I know I personally would cling to more after my 1st/2nd time.


I just feel like many times a song will grow on you even if first you didn’t like it the first/second run of it. So, I try to just listen to every record on the album a couple of times in the order the artist has put them in.

I really enjoyed the way this video came out as well as the album. So, I think I’ll really begin to start recording and making more videos.

Let me know in the comment section below if you enjoyed the video and how you listen to new music from your favorite artist.