Aaaah!! Yes!!!

If you follow me on social media then you know I’ve shamelessly been promoting this site to everyone.

So, far I’ve gotten really great feedback from family and friends. Thank you to everyone who has checked out my site!

I’m very excited to be able to have a space on the internet to create and make what I want to. I am also very grateful to have a very amazing schedule this semester that has given me an opportunity to get more involved with what I’m passionate about that being audio/video and stage management.

This site has definitely pushed me to find new things to get into and create for the site, but most of all for myself. With that, being said I created this small promotional video. Just for the purpose of adding to twitter, and plugging myself.

Next, week I will be working on more content to post on the site so that I can fill up my “work” section which you may have noticed is empty. I left both “Work” & “Videos” empty as I want to create high-quality, but most of all new content that reflects my ability today!

And, although I’m getting myself more out there in school, I’m pretty much still an introvert! Anyway, I hoping to meet more people to work with for photography and come up cool concepts. If you’re checking out this site and we attend the same school, feel free to contact me either here or on twitter or instagram

I’m also hoping to get more involved in the theatre department at my school and look into where I get started to get into production design, and what I should be working on now to go towards that.

I definitely want this site to seem less blog like, and more just like visually amazing and filled with page upon page of creative dope stuff!