Introducing Me

    What’s up you guys! I am very excited today that this is my first post! I want to not only welcome 2017 in on a good note, but I’m excited to get a start on goals I’ve set for myself this year. The objective for this post is about just introducing myself and what all you’ll be able to find on my site. 

So, my name is Moe, I am 21 years old and I hail from Kansas City, MO and I’m currently studying at university. For the longest time I’ve been wanting to get back to designing and creating things; that for a long time, I haven’t had the time to do, or my studies at the time didn’t allow me time to work on and above I’m sure you saw some of the photos I’ve taken before my unplanned “hiatus”. Which brings me to my biggest goal for 2017 which is for this year to be the year in which I get back to doing what I love which is creating. I have so many ideas, I want to work on/towards, get involved with, and do. I made this goal to myself to start working, documenting, creating, and sharing here on this space which is essentially my platform to speak to the world and lead me to the creative career I want. I’d also like to share my experiences, my work, and my life and I want that to be reflected with this site; and I want this to be the space I do that in.

On this site, you’ll be able to find posts on things I’m passionate about like: my work, creative projects, where I’ve traveled, style, thoughts, and what’s going in my life, what I’m doing, and whatever else I can think of.