This may or may not look familiar, but if you don’t know the Instagram Page @baugasm . I’ve hyperlinked to his amazing Instagram Page. So, be sure to give him a follow.

Below you can see a preview of his Instagram Page. Anyway, I stumbled across him on my explore page, and was instantly hooked. I’ve never hit the follow button so fast honestly.

Now, if I am honest I don’t really know Photoshop that well, especially for making Digital Art. However, what I do have is a subscription to Skillshare. As I began searching for classes to help me learn how to do something a long the lines of this… and I actually came across the owner behind the page Baugasm! His name is Vasjen Katro.

I instantly stayed up and learned his first of many classes he has on Skillshare and learned this technique.

Overall, I’m very happy with how this came out and I’m super excited to take this technique and really make into my own.

I’m gunna continue to work on the making posters like this and keep them posted on the Work section of this site, and make post about what I was able to create.

If you all happen to be interested in learning the technique. You can sign up for a subscription and get two months free by clicking here.

After signing up, you’re able just click here to go to find the courses I’ll be learning.

Let me know your thoughts about the poster down below!