Get to Know Me

Moe King

This is Moe and I’m the founder of AHARONK, who hails from Kansas City, MO with a drive to design and create. Moe made this site to be a place where he is able to express, document and show the things he’s interested in, working towards, and loves at the moment. On this site you can find posts on the things I’m passionate about like: my work, my life, my projects, and my travels.

This site came into inception in 2016 when I began thinking about what I wanted to achieve in the new year. So, my biggest goal for 2017 is for it to be the year to get back to doing what I love which is creating. I have so many things, I wanna work on, and get involved with that for a long time I wasn’t able to. I was working on things that at the time weren’t particularly pertaining to where I wanna go creatively and career wise. So I’ve made a goal for myself to start working, documenting, and spending time creating, sharing with the world and documenting the things I’m working on, times and experiences I have.

“I Just want to be myself and go for my own dreams and goals” Natalie Du Toit